Return Policy

We attach great importance to after-sales service to ensure that customers have a good shopping experience. The valuable opinions put forward by customers will be of great help to us in improving product quality and service level, and we are grateful to our customers for helping us.
The following will explain our after-sales policy in detail.

1. Different return scenarios and responsibilities

(1) If the product has a performance failure within 7 days from the date of receipt, the consumer can choose to return the product for a refund, exchange it or repair it. Our company bears the corresponding return shipping fee and maintenance cost.

(2) If the product has a performance failure within 30 days from the date of receipt, consumers can choose to exchange or repair it. Our company bears the corresponding return shipping fee and maintenance cost.

(3) Within 3 days from the date of payment, if the consumer requests a return and refund, the return and refund procedures can only be handled with the consent of the seller.

(4) For the orders that have been shipped, if the customer wants to exchange the goods, he needs to bear all the related costs, including round-trip freight, labor costs, etc.

(5) The quality is okay but because the customer does not like to return or exchange the goods, the customer shall bear the round-trip freight for the return and exchange. The freight is calculated with reference to the actual logistics cost and labor cost.

2. Especially in the following cases, returns and exchanges are not accepted.

(1) Products of the same brand that are not sold by the company.

(2) Product quality problems caused by unauthorized maintenance, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, accidents, alterations, incorrect installation, or tearing or altering labels, serial numbers, anti-counterfeiting marks, etc.

(3) The product has been used (except for quality problems) and has been damaged intentionally.

3. Operation process of return and exchange of consumer goods

Consumers can directly apply to our customer service for returns and exchanges. We will respond to customer questions and applications as soon as possible within 2 working days. When submitting an application, please provide relevant order information and product photos. Our customer service will respond to the customer's after-sales processing application in the first time, and provide customers with a satisfactory after-sales processing plan according to the above plan.

Your patience and detailed description of the problem is our greatest support. We will appreciate your cooperation and trust. Thanks again for your support!